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       3M/Federal APD Products
Federal APD Inc., the advance Parking, Access & Revenue control system manufacturer, based in Novi, Michigan, U.S.A. The company has achieved its leadership by providing the parking professional with well-built and innovative products, since 1953, and has maintained the highest standard in its manufacturing process and compliance with the Safety, Electromagnetic and Quality control criteria of U.L. listing, CE Mark and ISO-9001:2000.




Parking & Count Control System
(A wide range of Barrier Gates for all kinds of Industrial, Bridge, Road and Parking controls, Differential Counter and Status Scanner maintains the count of parking spaces)


Access Control System
 (Versatile choice of reading technologies, including; Dyna & Wiegand read, (barium ferrite) Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, Bar Code, RFID AVI and RF controls)


Revenue Control System
(Machine readable systems designed for; Semiautomatic of Exit cashiering, Central cashiering, or Automatic cashiering of parking operations with Bar code, Magnetic stripe Auto reading technologies, also integrated License Plate Recognition system)


Count Display & Signage System
(Provides lot & level's Differential Counter, real time space available Displays & Signs)

   Revenue Control Equipments


項目符號  SST/BarCode/EcoCoin TicketSpitter
項目符號 SST/Bar Code/EcoCoin Exit Verifier
項目符號 SST/Bar Code/EcoCoin Fee Computer
項目符號 SST/EcoCoin Automatic Pay Station
項目符號 ScanNet Central Management System
項目符號 Integrated Parking Tower Control System
項目符號 Integrated LP Recognition System


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