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  • History

36 Linkasia Marketing Taiwan was established in May 1979 for as a system integrator and marketing company, and it has started the business with the selling and representing of imported physical and electrical banking equipments from United States and near by Japan, such as; strong room vault door, safe deposit box, counter top teller machine and bank check proofing machine, ¡Ketc.

Whereas most of cooperate officer and electronic engineer then, were the colleague to a company, who was representing NCR, a Dayton Ohio based retails and banking self-service equipments manufacturer, so with the legacy of banking and expertise of microchips, in the third year of company launching, Linkasia has announced its first self-developed Chinese proofing machine and in the meanwhile, has extended the business from purely banking to the automatic parking and access control systems as well,

Linkasia is putting heavy emphasis upon represented system integration and new system feature design, not just be proud of and has been successfully developed, for examples; tie-in the OCR and magnetic stripe reading device through keyboard emulation for as the auto data entry to proofing machine and teller terminals in 1987, releasing the first parking fee computer with local physical invoice printer in 1988, integrated first license plate recognition system supplied from local Industrial Technology Research Institute with parking ticket dispensing machine in 1989, started to manufacture the coin exchanger for local bank in order to eliminate the teller burden from the coin change requirement caused by the public bus paid by coin policy in 1995. Also in project of Core Pacific City 2001, the first break through in parking industrial for shopping mall to giving out the free parking automatically per patron's purchase dollar upon Pay-on-foot Station, verify those of credit card with member royalty program by its same Pay Station transport and dispatching different free parking validation to the variety member card holder simultaneously. And for instant, in year of 2004, developing an value-added system application for car park management company, by applying the ADSL telephone internet, with VPN feature of broadband router for connecting those of unmanned fee collecting system in remote site back to their head office and providing with a central real-time system activity monitoring and event control.

  • Organization

    Linkasia moved into as an international corporation in 1984, company have setup a sister company in Whippany, New Jersey for the business of office and banking equipment, James Lu and part of the staff has been split and transferred to U.S. office during the period. As yet, since there is a more than 20 years independently management, so Linkasia Taiwan and New Jersey actually has become two individual company and profit center already, but do still work as an cooperating group.

Nevertheless company is always followed with James instruction and philosophy of "No after service, No sales", therefore besides division of sales and administration, Linkasia is maintaining one each of service center in Tai-chung, and Kao-hsiung, for providing a quick service response in middle and south are of this island. Meanwhile as company is foreseeing the Research and Development would be the motivation to the ever-growth of the system and market, so there is a special and collectively arrangement for set up a R&D center with the affiliated company; Pinnacle Technology Taiwan, in order to get the benefits of resource sharing and manpower stability.


  • Operation

Federal APD Inc., is one of the group subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp., and Federal Signal would be one of the 1000 Largest Corporations in the New York Stock Exchange of United States, as Federal APD would be the first one introduced the "Self Park" concept and invented the first microprocessor base barrier gate and providing the full system of UL listed professional parking products to the industrial, so it has become the second largest off street parking and revenue control system provider in the world and the largest international airport parking control system manufacturer, also if it counts in the revenue of both fields, then since the year of 2004, Federal APD has become the largest system provider in the world. Therefore when you select the control system from Federal APD, you're getting more than just well-built and innovative products; you're getting the support and stability of a company as well that has achieved its leading role in the marketplace by satisfying customers since 1953.

Since Linkasia was founded and started to representing Federal APD in1981, we always aim for providing a full and qualify service, also try to satisfying the customer needs with prompt response and enthusiasms efforts, also besides the products supplied from Federal APD, we keep on enrich and integrated the parking, revenue and access control systems with other world well known, system and products, such as; Transcore and Tag Master Automatic Vehicle Identification system, Designed Parking Corp., Wireless Barrier and License Plate Recognition System from Zamir, and it could be proved and testified by our more than hundred and eighty system users in this island.

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